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[What is Candy B + Complex is ? ]

Imports from the United States, California Candy B + Complex is the use of male impotence health products made from natural herbs. Its main raw material is orange essence, Maca and thistles and other herbs, use of advanced extraction technology, perfect with a variety of ingredients to achieve better tonic effect. Candy B + Complex is set in one of the health and male impotence health products, advanced technology and traditional recipes of crystallization can be said for men tailored best aphrodisiac.


Cdy B + Complex so that all men can feel the passion, the use of traditional herbal conditioning way to achieve security and aphrodisiac effect potent. Blood pressure by promoting circulation and conditioning the male hormone, to activate cavernosum penis and testosterone hormone activity, so that the penis harder, longer and more coarse; while increasing sensitivity and control nerve center, so that men have a lasting endurance, prolong exciting period , you can enjoy a longer delay ejaculation and orgasm!Scientific research shows that male genitalia in 20 stops growing old, 25 -year-old began to decline until 30 years later sexuality even less than the 20 half years of age. Candy B + Complex unique effect allows the male reproductive system recovery 20 years old peak state, even fifties and sixties, men can also be as energetic as youth, insisted on not vent! The average woman in thrusting sex takes about 15 minutes to usher in the first wave, from the second climax is on average 10 minutes to reach, so men must be maintained about 60 minutes thrusting action to make women enjoy 4 to 5 times climax. Candy B + Complex in addition to men have better control, but also so that men have a strong physical strength, an hour or so men thrusted enjoy full orgasm with your partner!


Activated by way of conditioning renal function, restore sexual Jing Sheng, and clear the blood vessels and nerves, needed to supplement the male essence and blood, after taking full of energy, combat multiplier! Happy married life, sex time controlled by you. Candy B + Complex because of its excellent quality, efficacy outstanding, so much like the majority of men.


[ Candy B + Complex Product Information]

Ingredients: orange essence, Maca, Tribulus, Chinese wolfberry, soy lecithin
Main features: impotence, Yang Shen, fill in essence, promote blood circulation, improve physical strength and immunity
Package Content: Each box contains 2000mg X- 12 package (tablet form)
Dosage: 50 years of age every 4 to take day one ; 50 years of age every 3 take days 1 Ke


1 ) After dinner 1 hour before taking
2 ) tablets in the mouth, his mouth for about 3 minutes to dissolve
3 ) Before taking and after taking 2 hours should not drink tea or coffee
4 ) take 3-4 days for the entry into force of
5 ) During the effective date must drink plenty of water (per day about drinking 3000ml )


Effective Date: take 2 hours post effective, the effect is to maintain 3 – 4 days (due to personal physical vary)

Production: United States
Production Company: California Pure LTD..
Production Address: 1680 South Eliseo Drive, Suite 320 Greenbrae, the CA 94 904, USA.



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